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hydro jet service

What is hydrojetting? 

Hydrojetting is a safe and effective method of sewer or storm line cleaning using high pressure water to blast through even the toughest of blockages, including tree roots and grease. 

Except for extreme cases with major breaks in the line, our professional grade hydrojet system is guaranteed to clean the entire circumference of your sewer or storm line, we're so certain of this that complementary camera service is included!

What is targeted hydrojetting and when do I need it? 

Targeted hydrojetting is for extreme cases that go beyond standard hydrojetting. This is generally necessary for lines plugged with dense tree roots that have grown into the line over many years. When other plumber have told you that the only solution is a sewer or storm line dig up because they cannot get through the tree roots, give Jimmy Jets a call. Our goal is not to dig up your sewer but to get the line cleared for use. 


Does this mean you'll never have to dig up and repair a line? No, hydrojetting does not repair slippage or cracks in the lines but having an open sewer line and the problems identified and located can give the homeowner necessary time to decide and prepare for next steps, if necessary. In many cases, once cleared, regular sewer line maintenance can keep the system flowing for many years to come!

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