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Water in basement but you have a waterproofing system installed!

Say what?? You spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on waterproofing yet your basement is now wet. Sound familiar? We receive calls for this situation several times per month. The most concerning issue is we receive the calls after our customers have already had either the same or new waterproofing company out to provide an estimate of reinstalling the same waterproofing system.

More times than not the waterproofing system that is currently installed is fine, it’s the lines that are clogged. When the water has nowhere to go it will recirculate through the piping system and deposit it right back where it started, either in your basement or against the foundation wall which ends up, you guessed it, right back in your basement.

Before spending another $45,000 to have your waterproofing reinstalled, give us a call to make sure it is not simply a clogged line that can be easily rectified with hydro jetting.

We promise not to charge you the exorbitant rate of $45,000 to get you back to a dry basement when the issue is only a clogged line. Stop burning out pumps that constantly run and don’t keep your basement dry.

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