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How do we keep our costs lower than other companies?

In speaking with many of our customers who have previously tried other service providers, we have come to know that we have one of the lowest rates for hydro jetting in the area. One might ask why. One might also question the quality of the work being provided!

Have no fear Northeast Ohio! When you call on Jimmy Jets to clear your storm and sanitary systems you are getting top notch service with powerful, professional grade equipment. You’re also receiving service from a professional with well over 30 years of quality plumbing experience, not someone who was briefly (or not) trained in the art of plumbing.

Over the last several years, Jim has worked to perfect equipment to create a jetting system that can be operated by a single person. Jimmy Jets does not require two to three people to run the jetting equipment. Through painstaking trial and error and due diligence, Jim has created a one man operation for hydro jetting. Not only this but he has devised a way to get around 90s and other bends where other equipment cannot. We often wonder how many families have been sold a dig up based on a false break in the line when it was truly just a bend that other companies cannot get around with their equipment.

When you’re ready to stop getting the $1000 to start price with hidden fees for minimal service you’ll give the innovator at Jimmy Jets a call.

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