Emergency Sewer Services

Hydro Jetting: Emergency Sewer Services

While some sewer issues are easy to handle, there are other cases where you may need emergency sewer services. Hydro Jetting is a safe, effective way to clean sewer and storm lines. The process involves using high-pressure water that “blasts'' through debris and other grime that can block your sewer line. These emergency sewer services are so powerful that the technique can get rid of anything, even tree roots and stubborn grease. This option is usually only needed in extreme instances where dense tree roots have grown into the line, causing serious emergencies. It’s a much easier way to clear a blockage than it is to remove an entire section of the line. However, it’s important to note that hydro jetting won’t fix cracks in the sewer lines and there are some cases where you’ll still need to dig it up. If you need emergency sewer services, contact Jimmy Jets today to find out how we can help!